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Dryland Training

At Dryland Sports Co, we focus on small group training to make sure every athlete gets the attention to detail they need. In season or out of season, supplementing your club /team training to become a whole athlete is vital to sports performance. Our curriculum for the youth athlete is built around our four pillars of strength, speed/agility, conditioning, and recovery. Properly preparing your body and introducing injury prevention techniques at a younger ager will help reduce injury and burnout in youth sports.

We also offer sport specific training for soccer that focuses on technical ball work and all components to become a more complete and all around player. One of our trainer and founders, Bobby Burling, is a retired 11-year MLS player who grew up here locally in Colorado before ending his career with the Rapids (2017). Placing emphasis on not only skill but other areas (such as technique, coordination, fitness, strength, decision making, and tactical awareness) will accelerate the development of any player of any skill level.

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Dryland Recovery

Those that rest the best perform the best. The Dryland team believe in a healthy balance! After the field, after the court, after the climb…we offer a variety of services to help you heal and recover.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) Is breathing 100% oxygen while under increased atmospheric pressure. The combination allows the body to heal faster on its own by spreading oxygen further into the central nervous systems fluids enabling blood vessels to grow more rapidly in affected areas. This reduces swelling/inflammation, and improves blood flow.

How does Dryland use the HBOT to benefit players?

At Dryland we have been using HBOT treatments for many sports related injuries. Any soft tissue injury benefits with additional oxygen under pressure. The Vitaris 320 HBOT unit with room air at 1.3 ATM or atmosphere increases tissue oxygenation by 28-43 percent. HBOT treatments can also significantly reduce general inflammation through out the body increasing recovery time.

Dryland HBOT Success Stories

We had an 11 year old female soccer player who suffered a concussion during a soccer game. Her parents contacted us right away and we were able to get her into the chamber within 24 hours. After her first session, her concussion related symptoms improved significantly, so much so, she was able to return to her soccer team within a few weeks. Her parents were amazed by results.

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